Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Service Learning Group - Lee Yong Lin

1. Allen
2. Lee Yong lin
3. Howe wee
4. Dylan
5.Ho zong han
6. Ethan Lee

Investigation phase
1.Identify the community
-Community mapping
Area around Singapore - (Between Clementi and Dover)

-Profile of the Community
teenagers - ( 13-19)
Children- (1 to 12)
Old people (65 and above)
Middle-aged Adults ( 40-50 ) 
Working adults (29- 65)
Middle income family (bulk of the families)
Low-income families 
-sector of community
 families with low-income

2.Generate & Evaluate Community Challenges
Generate community challenges

Strength and resources in the community
-Children may be smart

Concerns about the community/needs of the community
- Community has low income
- Lack of food
- No money to pay bills = No water/ electricity
- No funds to pay education fees (if children are present)
-Proper living for low income family
-Gambling problems for low income families

-Evaluate community challenges
-How much worse will the problem get
After going through all the criteria, Lack of food is the most important and we could use a food donation drive

3.Identify Community Partners
Potential community partners that would be engaged 
-SST Corporate Communications
-Food from the heart

How can/ will they help
SST Corporate Communications can give approval for this service learning project to be carried out
Food from the heart can aid in distributing food collected from food donation drives to provide food for the low-income families
4.Establish baselines
Track the degree of impact of the service at the end of the project
Currently, a number of families in the area has difficulty providing food for themselves
After implementing the service project, we expect that lesser or no families will have difficulty on getting food.

Preparation Phase
1. Identify Service and learning goals and objectives
Goals and objectives, Service and Learning
To provide food for at least 20 households

-To provide food for the needy
- To make sure that the needy do not starve for a long period of time

-Collect food from the richer communities to provide to the poorer communities to help the poor in the form of a food drive

-To learn of ways about to help others and to help more needy people.
- To learn what is going on in the neighbor hood and be more aware of the social needs.
2. Draft Community Action Plans
WHY : your service and learning goals and outcomes

HOW : how services will be provided/done
We will give out fliers to houses nearby to inform the residents that a food donation drive will be conducted soon, giving them time to prepare. A week later, we will return to collect any food donated by residents and after collecting, we will hand the food over to "Food from the Heart" to distribute to the multiple households.

WHO : team members and community partners
-Allen Kim
-Ethan Lee
-Dylan Goh
-Ho Zong Han
-Lee Yong Lin
-Howe Wee Teh
-SST Corporate Communications
-Food from the heart

WHEN : specific timeline to work on
3rd Week of Term 3 to 5th Week of Term 3

WHAT : resources needed
-Fliers to give out to the residents to inform residents about the food donation drive
-A mode of transportation to move the donated food from one place to another

WHAT : Indicators of success
-Low income families having enough food to eat

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