Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Service Learning Group

Leader: Loynes Poh
Members: Zhuo Deming , Marcus Loh, Julian Tan, Joshua Leong, Mohd Adam

The 'Investigation' Phase
            at a glance...

1.Identify the community
-Community mapping

Clementi and Dover MRT station, Clementi polyclinic, Singapore Poly

Profile of the Community:
Mostly families with young children, small amount of elderly

Sector of the Community:
Family with financial problems

2.Generate & Evaluate Community Challenges
Generate community challenges:
-Increasing in cost of living

Identify the service opportunities:
-Distribute food

- Strengths and resources in the community
Large area for events

- Concerns about the community/ needs of the community.

Low income families and Elderly

- Evaluate Community Challenges

Income not enough to meet daily needs

- Evaluation Criteria
Food is important for survival
Increasing in food prices causing low-income families and elderly to be unable to buy food.

- Group Consensus
Importance,urgency and food is important for survival

3.Identify Community Partners

-Potential Community Partners that would be engaged:
Food from the Heart
SST management

-How can/will they help:
Help in the collection and distribution of the food items
SST will help to engage students to help out in this project

4.Establish Baselines
-List down the baseline info
Many families are under this food donation programme.

-Track the degree of impact of the service at the end of the project
The family having enough food to survive for the time

The Preparation Phrase

1. Identify Service and Learning goals and objectives
List down the intended goals& objectives for service &learning
"goals" are broader and more general
To ease the families in their food expenses
"objectives" are more specific
To reach out as many families as possible
"service" is what beneficiaries receives
Help them to service more family
"learning" is what service providers receive
Learn the community and learn how to serve the others

2.draft community action plans
- as a group, draft an action plan on keynote which should include
why : your service and learning goals and outcomes
To help the community and learn more form them
how: how services will be provided/done
Distribution of fliers, collection of food and distribution of food
who: team members and community partners

Team Members: Loynes Poh, Zhuo Deming , Marcus Loh, Julian Tan, Joshua Leong, Mohd Adam
Oragnisation: Food from the heart

when: Specific timeline to work on
Distribution of fliers: 7  July 2012
Collection of food: 21-22 July 2012
Distribution of food: 4 August 2012
what: Resources needed
50 Members , 3 Lorries
what: Indicators of success (i.e service & learning outcomes)
Students will get to experience service learning and the families will help to reduce their burden 

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