Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Service Learning Group - Dhruti

Leader: Dhruti

Group Members: Dhruti, Jemaimah, Sharifa, Sarah and Fathiah

Investigation phase

Identify the community

Community mapping 

Locate the major facilites, amenities, buildings, housing, parks etc
SIM University, Clementi Mall, Children Aid's Society

Profile of the community
- Children (4-12)
- Middle-aged people (30-40)
- Teenagers (13-19)
- Middle income families (mainly)
- Most of the middle aged people are working
Sector of the Community
Children between the age of 4 and 12
Community challenges

Service opportunities
Organize activities for the children living in the community

Strength and resources in the community
Space in the community

Concerns/needs of the community
Entertainment for the children there
Children are being neglected

Cost effective
Students are interested in the project

Identify community partners
Children’s Aid Society, School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST)
Establish baselines
A lot of the children in the home are left behind by their relatives.

After implementing the service project, we intend to make these kids feel happy about life regardless of their family issues.


Identify service and learning goals and objectives
  • goals: to make them happy
  • objectives: to entertain them by organising activities that they might enjoy just for them
  • service: It will reduce the amount of money used for the children’s entertainment making more money to spend to improve and maintain the place.
  • learning: the importance of “paying forward”

Draft community action plans

So that kids feel happy about life regardless of their family issues. It wouldn’t affect them as much and they will soon accept it and will be able to live with it.

We will go to the orphanage and carry out the games we organised for them.

Team members(Dhruti, Fathiah, Jemaimah, Sharifa, Sarah) and community partners(Children Aid’s Society)

Term 3

What resources needed?
Things used in the games organised (string, water guns etc.)

What learning outcomes?
We will learn how convenient our lives are compared to the children in the orphanage.

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