Friday, 24 August 2012

Homework 24/8

 Anouncements/Important Notes: 
 Sorry for not posting homework daily nowadays, this secretary has to study too. T^T

 Work due Monday:

 ➀ Add photos / videos to the e-Journal.

LAST LEVEL TEST THIS MONDAY, ACE IT OK. *note that only journals 7-8 will be tested. 

➀ You should have posted the video/poster to the blog by now.

➀ Download Masa Lapang II on the Googlesite and copy paste from the presentation into isi, huraian, contoh.

➀ Matrices Assignment 3 by this WED.
➁ Hand in PT by posting to Youtube by TONIGHT, 2359.
➂ Finish all of the Simultaneous Eqn Assignment or Tier A only.

➀ You should edit your persuasive essay by NEXT WEEK, FRIDAY. It's counted for your overall grade for English!

➀ Task 5 - 6 due Aug 26th!

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