Monday, 30 July 2012

Homework 30/7

 Anouncements/Important Notes: 
  Get well soon, Dylan! We hope for you to be discharged from the hospital soon :D  And also, cheers to Mr Yeo and Mr Teoh who came along. #203family 

 Work due tomorrow:
 Science Refraction WS

➀ Finish the eJournal, by putting in photos.
➁ Answer the 5 mark question on 5 factors that affect the speed of a river, using PEE, one sentence per P,E,E.

*ONLY for those in are in Geog support and missed it,  please find me and copy down a question which you'll have to answer by the next lesson, 16th Aug. 

➀ The questions that you have to answer in your Design Journal have to be edited accordingly.

➀ The Refraction WS
➁ Finish your Google Presentation on the activity in the lab, add in the pictures and add Mr Teoh:

➀ Tanda-tangani kertas ujian kamu.

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