Thursday, 26 July 2012

Homework 26/7

 Anouncements/Important Notes: 
  Level Tests over, I wish you luck for your results ;)

 Work due tomorrow:
 Maths Trigo
 EL presentation(?)

➀ Search on videos regarding volume, gradient, etc. *I'm not sure about this one. 

*for Support people (and for those of you who missed it), please find me and copy down a question which you'll have to answer by the next lesson, 16th Aug.

➀ Part B of Trigo WS

➀ The questions that you have to answer in your Design Journal are on the Facebook Page by 28 Jul, 5PM.

➀ Finish your Google Presentation on the activity in the lab, add in the pictures and add Mr Teoh:
➁ Also, remember to do the second question of the Challenging Question.

Remember to complete a Keynote PPT on the ~special~ product, with max 3 slides. I'm not sure when it's due but just try to finish by tomorrow. 

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