Saturday, 21 July 2012

Homework 19/7

 Anouncements/Important Notes: 

 G-double O-D  J-O-B FOR THE I&E BAZAAR! Last minute, but I'm sure what we earned surpassed your initial expectations ;)
  Level Tests this coming week! Make sure to study your hardest!
 Please remember to view the video on the Math Blog for revision.

 Work due Monday:
 History essay.

➀ Finish the essay and hand up on Monday.
*optional: the SBQ Questions

➀ I am not sure if you have to complete the Homework WS, but I'll check with other people, terribly sorry! (But you should just do it)

➀ The questions that you have to answer in your Design Journal are on the Facebook Page.

I dont think I missed out anything, but if I did, feel free to add to it by commenting!

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