Friday, 29 June 2012

Homework 29/6

 Anouncements/Important Notes: 
 NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY! Happy Youth Day you guys!! :) 
 Get your report book signed as soon as possible. (I'm not sure about this - there wasn't any announcement about when you have to hand it up ><)

 Work due Tuesday:
 Science papers!

➀ Finish the notes worksheet - the crossword puzzle and the last page.
➁ Bring the Practice Paper.
*Please note both things are due Tuesday, 3/7

➀ Standard From Assignment 2 (pg 34), Standard From Assignment 1 (pg 33): Q3c, 3d, 5b, 6.
*Please not that this is due on Wednesday 04/7 

➀ List down as many points about the Gupta and Chinese empire on your e-Journal by next lesson!

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