Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Homework 26/6 & 27/6

Anouncements/Important Notes: 
 NO SCHOOL TOMORROW! :) And being a spoiler to your temporary happiness, read on. 
 Health Check on Thursday, when school reopens: bring your thermometer!

 Work due Thursday:
 Science Revision Paper! 

 English write-up & file

➀ Print and complete revision paper from GoogleSite by this Thursday, 28/9. For those of you who are not sure where to find it: Science Department -> Lesson Materials -> *scroll down* and find "2012 Sec 2 ES Practice Paper.doc"
➁ For those of you who are not done with the Reflections section on page 2 of the worksheet, please complete it + the Venn Diagram (if its incomplete)

➀ The 3 papers which are given during the June Holidays due this Friday, 29/9.

➀ Bring an empty blue ring file on Thursday, 28/9. I think Ms Cassandra said something about putting your register number on the top right hand corner? I'm not too sure, sorry!
➁ Revise the mindmap which I believe you should have copied down on your foolscap paper, and choose one natural disaster, and a place. Write about your chosen natural disaster and place on your Learning Device by Thursday, 28/9.

Happy 1-day Holiday!

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