Thursday, 9 February 2012

Homework 9/2

EL (1): x

EL (2): x

SCI/ISS: Finish the report for ISS by next Friday (only the first page/section). 
Email to Mr Tan, with the following heading: INTRO-S2-03-GRPNO-NAME
WR-S2-03-GRPNO-NAME -> for the written report
Edit the Introduction (200 words), and take pictures for ISS. 
Lit Rev: 300 words
Hypothesis: 50 words

MA: For the Level Test next week: Bring stationery, calculator, foolscap, graph paper
Do WS 2 & WS 3 (Tier A) / Tier B & C is optional. 
Bring Graph Paper tomorrow. 

GEO: Bring the A4 White Paper. 


I&E: Template until Step 5 (criteria) is due on Term 1, Week 10 (Monday)
Email to Mr Dennis your slides by 10 Feb @
Write your name and class.  


HMT: x 

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